Jeff’s Astro projects 

These are little projects I’ve done which did not find their way into the Conceptual Astronomy Workbook.

Red Nights
Red Nights- a paper describing how amateur astronomy on Mars would be different than on Earth. A version of this was published in Sky and Telescope magazine.

A proof that one’s latitude equals the altitude of the North Celestial Pole

Rotating Mirror
A paper deriving the fact that a rotating liquid mirror will assume a parabolic shape suitable for a telescope. 

Moon parallax
Moon parallax project--How two photos of the moon were used to tell the distance to the moon using parallax.

Geosynchronous Satellite
Parallax of Geosynchronous Satellites = How to determine the distance to geosynchronous satellites through observation.

Physics Plane
An easy-to-fold paper airplane used to advertise my physics classes.

Moon Calendar
A program I published in START! magazine in the 1980s about making a moon phase calendar.

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