Astronomy Education Workshops

I was a NASA Education Ambassador representing the Fermi and WISE missions.  This page will contain downloads from recent workshops and presentations I have conducted. 

January 2018

Pre-Telescopic Astronomy for Mt. Diablo Astronomical Society

Pre-Telescopic Astronomy presentation (pdf)


July 2016

Presentation for CAPER Astronomy educator’s workshop

Mars Orbit Lab instructions and teacher’s guide

Keynote of presentation notes

BASIC code used to create solution


o This is an archive of the Project Physics materials including the original instructions for this site:

o Catharine Colwell created a page on her site that contains instructions adapted from the original Project Physics lab, including the dates of the observation of Mars from the earth.  These instructions are adapted from her web site and are used with permission.

o This is the software used to recreate the observations in our planetarium. 

Notes from presentation:

Galileo by Brecht: To perform:

•Celestia space simulator:

Lawrence Hall of Science Planetarium Activities for Successful 


Cardboard Planetarium site:


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