Conceptual Astronomy


A high school/college level astronomy workbook for activity and lab based courses.  This course includes everything from puzzles to sophisticated lab modeling projects and everything in between.  Learn how to build a sundial and stonehenge, track Jupiter’s moons, measure the age of a star cluster, find the Hubble Constant and the age of the universe, and much more.  Based on 30 years experience as an educator, Conceptual Astronomy will help you and your students reach for the stars.  

This blog will contain edits, plans, updates, and answers to user questions.  

For more information about purchasing this curriculum, contact TeachingPoint at this link:

Link to Conceptual Astronomy 1 

Link to Conceptual Astronomy 2

Link to Conceptual Astronomy Blog of updates and news. 

Link to download page for free sample activities (coming soon).

If you’re looking for a content-based textbook for reading assignments with up to date information including the latest space probe discoveries, I would recommend the open source book linked below. 

Openstax open source astronomy textbook by Andrew Fraknoi et. al

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