Sample Activities

This page contains downloadable activities from Conceptual Astronomy. Feel free to duplicate for classroom use.  For other uses, contact the author.  For keys, contact the author. 

From Volume 1:

Moon Phases and Eclipses
Moon phases, eclipses.

Various advanced math examples 
Includes estimating the age of the sun and measuring the height of a lunar mountain.

Design a sundial.pdf
Design a working equatorial sundial.

Age of the Sun.pdf
Estimate the age of the sun using nothing but multiplication and division.

Build your own planetarium dome.pdf
If you can’t bring Mohammed to the mountain...

Constellation Maps, RA/dec activities, Seasonal Constellation guide (includes how to build your own planetarium!)

From Volume 2:

Optics and Telescopes
Ray tracing and basic telescopes.

Color Double Acrostic.pdf
Vocabulary puzzle.

Detecting Exoplanets.pdf
Analyzing a real light curve.

Hubble Law.pdf
Estimate the age of the universe!

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